David L. Singer Memorial Foundation

Miami-Dade County

The David L. Singer Memorial Foundation has had the pleasure of working with Special Olympics for almost 40 years and has run a sanctioned Special Olympics event for 25 years. We have seen the Special Olympics organization evolve and grow over the decades yet while the world seems to be everchanging, the one beacon of consistency is the joy, inspiration and heartfelt emotions that these amazing athletes elicit in their presence. Being able to witness athletes glowing with pride as they embark on their annual events while noticing the same selfless volunteers showing up rain or shine year-over-year truly makes the experience magical. We are honored and humbled to be on this journey with Special Olympics all these years in support of their mission for inclusion. 


Ken Magee
Special Olympics Florida, Executive Director (1984-1994)
Ken Magee spent years championing the Special Olympics mission, but he says…


As we mark 50 years of making the world a more inclusive place, we want to hear your Special Olympics Florida story. Tell us your story by sharing a favorite memory or let us know what our programs have meant to you or the impact they’ve made in your life.  TOGETHER WE CELEBRATE!